June 2023 – DCC will now meet on the last Wednesday of every 2nd month, we are planning on having all meetings face to face. Minutes and agendas of our meetings can be found in the “meetings” section above.

Future meeting dates. All DCC meetings start at 19.30 –

  • 26th July 2023 – Glassary, Kilmartin and Ford Parish Church, Barrmor View – Kilmartin
  • 27th September 2023 – Ford Village Hall
  • 29th November 2023 – Kilmartin Museum
  • 31st January 2024 – online
  • 27th March 2024 – Ford Village Hall
  • 30th May 2024 – Glassary, Kilmartin and Ford Parish Church, Barrmor View – Kilmartin – meeting will start at 7pm.

Lynx to Scotland

Vincent Wildlife Trust are hosting an event in Kilmartin Parish Church on Friday 19th November 18.50-21.00

Details of the event and the link to register (it is free) are below.

The Lynx to Scotland study seeks to investigate the social feasibility of the potential for lynx reintroduction to Scotland. It was conceived by Trees For Life and Scotland: The Big Picture, who approached Vincent Wildlife Trust (VWT) to objectively undertake the work. The study aims to engage with stakeholders and communities in the Cairngorms and Argyll to explore the potential opportunities and challenges associated with living with lynx. The study is not attached to a proposal to reintroduce lynx; it is an exploratory exercise to inform the conversation, and to provide some baseline information from which a decision can be made as to whether feasibility should be further investigated. This session will be hosted by VWT. We will share information on who we are, the study, the lynx, and share some of the results of our investigation with stakeholders. This will be followed by facilitated discussion for you to share your views and comment on what you have heard – it is about information exchange and learning. Tea and coffee (and biscuits) will be provided!

Kilmartin Speeding Campaign

Dunadd Community Council are working with local partners to tackle the speeding issues on the A816 through Kilmartin.  We are waiting for traffic surveys to take place but in the meantime have teamed up with Police Scotland and have been given 30MPH stickers to display on your wheelie bins. A similar exercise has taken place in Arrochar and Lochgilphead. 

Members of the Community Council will be posting letters through the doors of residents whose bins can be seen by drivers on the A816 over the next few days and will come back over the next week to place the stickers on the bins. If you are not in, we will pop them through your door.