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As a key service in your community, we recognise bus is for many the only way to access shops for food, prescriptions and other essentials. It also provides a vital service for critical and essential workers.

Last week we introduced free travel to all NHS staff and care workers who are working flat out during these times, but I think we could do a lot more to help around the community. I have personally spoke with a few of the local businesses to set up a delivery service for getting the essentials to places like Achnamara, Crinan, Kilmichael, Slockavullin, Ormsary and Ford these business are happy to take the order over the phone and our vehicles will stop by on route and pick anything up and take the supplies to these places.

The citylink services have been stepped down to one service instead of the five services a day, so the local communities in Lochgair, Minard, Furnace and Inveraray may struggle on getting the essentials. I’m currently working on trying to introduce a service what will enable anyone to get into Lochgilphead to pick anything up and get back home again with a short timeframe, I hoping to have this in place by the middle of this week. This will also open the door to delivering to these communities on route!

The problem we are having is trying to spread the word, would you be able to help??

More than happy for you to phone me to discuss in more detail.

Many Thanks
Robert Mackay
West Coast Motors
T: 01586 555883 or 07775 978910

How It Works

  • Your order will need to placed and paid by phone
  • Make sure West Coast Motors Know to pick it up
  • Have someone at the bus stop to pick up your order

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