Community Emergency Plan

We have been asked by Argyll & Bute Council to draw up the above plan to offer assistance to the emergency services in the event of a serious incident taking place in our community. It also needs to provide for a rapid response to an emergency where the uniformed services cannot get through.

Crucial to the plan will be a list of volunteers, with contact details, who are willing to help in an emergency. This would include anyone with a first aid qualification or medical background; chain saw certificate; 4 x 4 vehicle; knowledge of vulnerable residents or indeed any other skill / aptitude that would be important.

If you would like to be involved please contact the person on the list below who lives nearest to you, by Friday 23rd October 2015:

Sue MacLean, 10 Slockavullin (Tel: 510297)
Violet Brown, Innishail, Ford (Tel: 810232)
Colin Ferguson, Leckuary (Tel: 605253)
Jim Malcolm, Courtyard Cottage, Kilmartin (Tel: 510540)